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Pursuing fulfilling work is one of the best decisions you can make in life.

Making a major career change can be a challenging, scary and a lonely journey. Having gone through five successful major career transitions myself, I know what it feels like. And I also know this; it’s absolutely worth it.  Staying in a job that does not light you up, for years and years, is not only soul crushing but mentally, emotionally and even physically unhealthy. That is not a good way to live.

That is why I've made it my mission to help people like you find their Ideal Career.

How exactly will I help you find your ideal career?

Private, one-on-one career coaching with me is the most powerful and focused way to discover what you want in your professional life, AND… take effective action to make it a reality.

In each session, I draw on my twenty years of experience as a corporate executive, having hired over 500 employees, managers and executives, and over a decade of coaching and consulting experience, to help you take practical steps to smoothly transition to a new more fitting career in the most effective way possible.

Here is what you get:

  • Get more clarity of who you are, what you truly want and what you can offer
  • Understand which career paths, job functions and fields are best for you
  • Prepare a resume that captures decision makers attention within a few seconds
  • Reference the right transferable skills that most companies desire
  • Rebrand yourself to effectively present your new professional identity
  • Network effectively to find the right guides and mentors for your journey.
  • Use smarter search methods to discover the positions that are not openly advertised.
  • Use creative methods to get your resume in front of the hiring managers
  • Recognize the concerns employer have with career changers and quickly remove them
  • Persuade skeptical employers to see your true value and take a chance on you
  • Reach the right decision-makers that have the power to open doors for you
  • Nail interviews by turning tough questions to your advantage and overcome objections

Client Testimonials

“I worked with Rafael when I was thinking about a career change. I had to make some difficult and challenging decisions. He guided me through the process and his advice and knowledge helped me to become clear and make better decisions during that very stressful and difficult time. He is a great coach, Listens well and is very caring. If you are thinking about changing fields or careers you should talk to him. He will invest his time and energy in you and will continue to be on your side until you reach your goal of a better career ”

Kevin M. Chief Operating Officer Tampa, Florida

"Rafael’s guidance was instrumental to my successful career transition from Customer Service to IT & Cloud Storage field. His extensive knowledge and experience in upper management & hiring, combined with his natural ability as a coach helped me to take smart and effective steps toward my new career goal. He was always there to answer my questions, resolve my concerns and help me through my planning, job search and interviews. If you are thinking of making a challenging career change do not hesitate to give him a call. You will not be disappointed. "

Jose A. Cloud/Data Storage Engineer Woodland Hills, California

"Working with Rafael was a pleasure. I loved creating my career plan with his step by step instructions so I can stay focused and relaxed. It helped me focus on what I want and is most meaningful to me. I still use the action planning system daily to help break down my big goals into smaller easier ones and get them done. He's just a great coach who cares and wants all of us to succeed and make an impact with our work. His strategies helped me figure out what I want in my life and how to obtain my goals. To anyone who wants a better more fulfilling work, he will help you achieve your goals too."

Rebecca M. Returns Dept. Manager Santa Clarita, California

"I learned from Rafael’s coaching that I was making my life & work extremely complicated and all I needed to do is to live by the few fundamentals that he taught me and create a career strategy that I can constantly follow and update as my life changes. It worked for me. It could work for you too. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to work with him if you can"

Derek W. Sr. Account Manager Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“Since working with Rafael I have stopped wasting my time on unimportant things and now focus on things that truly matter to me. I love referring to my life & career plan that we created to stay focused on my goals. And my daily action plan makes that simple and super easy with much more meaning and purpose behind my actions now. I highly recommend him for anyone looking to improve themselves and their career path

Courtney C. AP/AR Manager Los Angeles, California

"By working with Rafael, I learned to focus on things that really matter to me and really make me happy. I’m so glad that I learned about the career foundation principles.  Wow! It really changed me. Without it I would still be lost. Now I have an actual plan to make my work & life better. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their life and take the step toward the career that they should have. Rafael is a great coach, mentor, teacher. He truly cares about your happiness and success. "

Mark F. Business Dev. Manager Port Washington, New York

“Rafael has the unique ability to take a complex and uncertain career situation & create a clear and simple plan that has helped me analyze all my options and ultimately make the best decision possible.  One can instantly feel his kindness & sincerity in his coaching approach. I feel that he is invested in my success & happiness.  The most valuable part is that he can tap into his own extensive executive career & personal experience, so there is no fluff, guessing or theory. He has actual firsthand experience with his recommendations and solutions. Thanks to his help and guidance I find myself in a career that I enjoy and one that is a perfect fit for me.

Maurice M. Design Engineer Portland, Oregon

It was so wonderful being coached by you. I greatly appreciate it and the wealth of information that you shared with me. You have given me such great direction and guidelines to navigate. I greatly appreciate the encouragement and empowerment, and I'm very excited to learn more of what you have to share. You are awesome and I love your resources. Thank you immensely for your kindness and support during this challenging time. You have been such a tremendous blessing. I also love your career transition guide that you sent. I had a chance to glance through it today, and it is phenomenal! I don't need any other resources with this, as you meticulously outline everything incredibly well.”

De'Borah Ford Executive Administrator

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