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To lead a great life it is necessary to have courage and confidence. It is critical to understand that courage and confidence can be built and developed over time. Everyone can become more courageous. Here are 8 keys to developing more courage & confidence within.


Procrastination will rob you of a good life. It will impact your health, happiness, success & relationships. Beat procrastination with this technique and accomplish more in your life.


We are always comparing ourselves to others to see where we stand in life. So, its best to learn how to make more effective and productive comparisons that will have positive results for us rather than make us sad, depressed, envious and hopeless.


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How do some people succeed IN SPITE of impossible odds and so many challenges and difficulties? Where do they get the amazing energy, focus, momentum and persistence? They do just a few things differently RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING of their journey that ensures their long term success regardless of what may get in their way. In this video I show you graphically the internal power, dedication, and meaning they build into their actions that makes them unstoppable.


You can't control everything but you have 100% control over how you perceive them & what meaning you give to events. This video covers 3 easy things you can do to immediately improve your life experiences. Take full responsibility for your life and your destiny. You control and dictate your experiences. Don’t allow yourself to become a victim of life’s circumstances. Don’t let other people dictate how you feel and who you are. You make that decision. You decide how you feel and who you are. Take control and create your own experience, feelings, emotions and move in the direction of your choice.


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You can work hard for years and do a million things to TRY to make yourself happy, successful & deeply fulfilled BUT, you will never get there if you KEEP doing these 8 things, which I call the 8 joy killers. So PLEASE, STOP DOING THESE. Take ACTION. Pick one of these 8 points and implement it in your life starting now. Start with the one that you recognized you do the most. I assure you that you will start to be happier.


Check out our new course - Great Life Planning System - Click on the Courses Section on top for more info.


STOP setting the kind of goals that have a 98% chance of FAILURE. Achieve SURE SUCCESS with 'FULFILLMENT' Goals. What is the difference between fulfillment goals vs ordinary shallow goals? Why is the success rate of fulfillment goals much higher? In this video I first explain a more effective goal setting strategy and then show you specifically ( 8 powerful ways) how to build guaranteed success & fulfillment into your goals right from the start. Once you learn how to do this, you will be UNSTOPPABLE.


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