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About me

Hi.  My name is Rafael and here is my story. My family ran away from a war torn country when I was thirteen. After years of emigrating from one country to the next, I arrived in the United States. I was seventeen, had little to no money in my pockets and barely spoke a word of English. I put myself through school while working as a cashier and janitor to not only support myself, but my parents and my brother.

I graduated from Cal State University Northridge with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering with a specialty in digital communication.  I worked for a top aerospace company for five years and was involved with two satellite programs while working on my Masters Degree at USC. After doing a lot of soul searching I became inspired by a new found love for human potential and self-improvement sciences. I had an inner calling to move toward management and leadership opportunities. I wanted to work more with people rather than machines. In hopes of making a more positive impact on humanity I left my graduate program. I gave notice to my boss and left my comfortable and secure life for an unknown, unpredictable and challenging one.

The next thirteen years were full of difficult and yet rewarding adventures.  Starting from the bottom as a sales rep for an internet infrastructure company I moved my way up to a management position. Then I took another risk. I joined a small new start-up with fifteen employees. I eventually became the COO and a managing partner of this successful 120 employee e-commerce corporation. Five years later the company was acquired by a large internet marketing company.

For the last ten years I have been a Senior Executive leading the sales, business development and operation teams for a variety of manufacturing and e-commerce companies based in Los Angeles. I currently still consult to multiple executives in Los Angeles area but mainly coach / train my private clients through BeGreat.com.

I also enjoy giving back and serving my local community. For more than a decade now, I have been involved with multiple local charities/non-profits and have served as the director of individual development for one of them. I have been studying self-improvement techniques, motivation theory, and human potential sciences for more than 20 years. I have completed 12 certified training programs, attended close to 100 classes / seminars, and read more than 250 books on these subjects. I love to share my knowledge and strategies with other people. I have taught classes and set up training sessions for the Los Angeles community since 2006.

I am an avid reader, practice meditation daily and enjoy traveling. My life’s mission is simple and can be expressed in just seven words:    “Experience mindfully, grow consciously, and contribute positively.”

My favorite quote (especially in tough times) is by Dr. Victor Frankl  “What is to give light must endure burning”


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