How to quickly evaluate your current or a new job opportunity

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Quite often I am asked to help a client make a decision between staying in a current job or change to another. 

At other times, I need to help my clients who have already decided to leave their current position choose between two new job offers.

I wanted to share with you a quick exercise (takes 5 minutes) that I use to help them make the best decision possible.

In fact, you can use this exercise to evaluate your current job satisfaction as well.

Here is how it works.

Read each Job satisfaction factor below and rate it from 1 to 5 using the key below.

Satisfaction level à  [ 0. Awful    1. Bad    2. Average    3. Good    4. Great ]

Add each of your scores together to get a total score for all 25 satisfaction factors.

and lastly, see where your total score falls under

Final job satisfaction level: 

 (0-20 Awful)    (25-40 Bad)     (41-60 Average)    (61-80 Good)    (81-100 Great)

Let’s begin.


                                           Top 25 Job Satisfaction factors

  1. Money

The position provides me with an excellent opportunity to earn a great income now as well as in the future so I can meet my (& my family’s) financial needs and achieve my financial goals in life.

  1. Lifestyle

The position allows ample time and energy to pursue other aspects of my life (Family, friends, fitness, hobbies, leisure activities, etc.)

  1. Power and Influence

The position offers the opportunity to exercise power and be an influential decision maker.

  1. Variety

The position offers a great deal of variety in the nature of work performed

  1. Autonomy

The position offers considerable autonomy and independence. I am empowered to find better ways of doing things, come up with new solutions and use my creativity.

  1. Intellectual Challenge

The position offers consistent intellectual challenge

  1. Altruism

The position offers the satisfaction of regularly helping other people with their individual and business concerns

  1. Security

The position offers a great deal of security in terms of predictable salary, benefits, and future employment

  1. Prestige

The position is with an organization that commands a great deal of prestige and respect in this field.

  1. Connection

The position offers a setting with enjoyable colleagues with whom I feel a sense of belonging

  1. Positioning

The position offers experience and access to people and opportunities that will position me well for my next career move

  1. Managing people

The position offers the opportunity to lead, direct or guide other people

  1. Positive impact

The position allows me to make a positive impact in people’s lives.

  1. Recognition

The position is in an environment where individual accomplishments are recognized with praise from peers and superiors. I feel appreciated and valued.

  1. Fit

The position and the nature of work is a great fit with my skills, interests and personality. I enjoy what I do.

  1. Mission

I believe in the mission of the company and what it is trying to accomplish. The company value are aligned with my core values.

  1. Growth

The position allows me to learn new things, grow my skills and advance my knowledge & expertise.

  1. Clarity

The positions goals, objectives and purpose are clearly defined and therefore; the results are easily measurable and outcomes are plainly visible.

  1. Transparency

I am always informed and know exactly what the leadership teams of my organization are planning, what the objectives are and how it will impact me.

  1. Advancement

The organization has a clear advancement path and I clearly now what the requirements are to move to higher levels.

  1. Fairness

The company’s practices, rules and policies for employees and customers are fair and just.

  1. Flexibility

The position and organization provide a great amount of flexibility with respect to schedule, personal & family matters and unforeseen events and emergencies.

  1. Culture

The organization has a positive, friendly and motivating work culture.

  1. Feedback

The leadership of the organization listens to the employees, attends to their concerns & grievances quickly and implements improvements promptly.

  1. Outlook

The position and the work itself are in a growing industry with a great future outlook.


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