5 Ways to Build Unshakable Self-Trust

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If you want to create a and lead a great life, you have to learn how to trust yourself. As the leader and main creator of your own destiny your decisions are critical to your well-being. Once you trust yourself, no one will be able to bring you down and no situation will derail you off your chosen path. No one will be able to discourage you from following your dreams, influence your beliefs or persuade you to betray your values.

You’ll be resilient, have grit and understand that even mistakes are blessings that provide strength and wisdom. You’ll be your greatest supporter and best friend, which is absolutely necessary to emotional, mental and even physical well-being. To reach this aim, you must end self-doubt and boost confidence in the one person you can always rely on, YOURSELF.

Here are 5 things you can practice daily...

1. Have Courage to express yourself

You count. You matter. Have self-confidence. Respect yourself and your opinions. Express yourself. Don’t hold back when you have something important to say. If something bothers you, say something. Self-doubters aren’t sure whether their ideas or opinions are valid. They sometimes adopt other’s beliefs and drop their own, thereby giving away their power and individuality. Understand that no one’s views are more worthwhile than yours. Demand that people listen to you and take you seriously.  Speak your mind, and you’ll attract people with similar opinions who reinforce your confidence and may appreciate your ideas. You’ll also find conversations more interesting and enjoyable because you won’t be playing second fiddle.

2. Spend time with supporters

Think about how people treat you. Do they value your opinions and wisdom? Do they encourage you to succeed and often point out what’s great about you? Do they come to your aid when you need help? If so, those are the people that support you and are worthy companions. Those are the people that you should invest your time and energy in. People who are unsupportive increase self-doubt. These toxic people will poison your mind and manipulate your into joining their negative and immoral circle. Steer clear of those who, treat you bad,  aren’t interested in your views and don’t respect you or raise your confidence when it dips. Life is short. You don’t have to waste your precious time and energy on these people. So choose your “friends” wisely.

3. Be your own best friend

Practice being your best friend everyday. During the tough times, believe in yourself. When times are good, appreciate yourself. When you need wise counsel, look deep within. You’ll find most of the answers there. Get in touch with the intelligence of your heart, mind and body by having an honest dialogue with yourself. Self-reliance will make you stronger.  You are wiser than you think. You have a lot of experiences and knowledge that will show you the way. Accept the intuition that arises when you connect with your highest self and self-trust will grow.

4. Stick to your values

Identify your true values and stick with them. When you bear your ethical values in mind your decision-making becomes easier, your confidence and trust increase. Your values and the resulting beliefs are guiding lights that will always point you to the right path in life. Examine how you might follow your principles more. Practice them every day. Do not ignore or suspend your values during challenging times. You will never regret doing so.  Stick to your values, and because you respect them, your inner strength will rise. The you will have full trust in yourself, your ideas and your actions.

5. Self-care and kindness

Take care of yourself with kindness and love. Be gentle with yourself. Listen to your body when it tells you to slow down or rest. Respect your intuition when it lets you know you’re about to make a poor decision. Also, treat yourself well with kind actions; eat healthy, laugh often, attend a favorite event, go out into nature, stretch, and meditate for excellent well-being. Enjoy just being present and alive. As you behave lovingly toward yourself, your whole system will register that you are worthy of compassion and well-being. Your body and mind are interwoven and impact each other immediately.  So be kind to them and treat them with excellence. As a result, your confidence and self-trust will grow and expand as the message that you regard yourself highly, seeps into your psyche.

Self-trust stems from treating yourself with the love, generosity and respect you would offer a dear friend. Self-confidence and self-trust do not happen overnight. It takes daily practice. You must consciously and intentionally practice the above 5 daily in order for them to become internalized.  Eventually, these practices will become subconscious and habitual. Once the become automatic you will naturally and effortlessly exude self-confidence and self-trust.  

Do not just read this article and move on without taking any action. That would be a waste of time. Take action immediately. Apply this knowledge. Take one of the above advice and practice it every day for 10 days.  If you see results apply another. Then another.  I assure you that doing so wholeheartedly will make your life better.


By Rafael Tomik for BeGreat.com

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