If you don't design your own Life Plan and live on your Own Terms, you will fall into someone elses plan and be used to achieve theirs. Not a smart way to live YOUR life, is it?

I will help you create a complete Life Plan in less than 8 hours. You will quickly figure out What you want in each area of life, Why you want it and How to get there. Gain more Focus, Energy, Determination, & Courage to take charge of your destiny, achieve your goals and make every day of your life more successful & fulfilling.


Are you in full control and on the right track to achieve Success & Happiness in ALL these Important life areas?

Health | Relationships | Family | Career | Finances | Friendships | Personal Growth | Spiritual | Giving | Adventure | Home | Leisure

If Not, you need to create a  complete life plan that will help you define and organize your life goals. This will not only help you stay focused on what maters to you the most but also make your life simpler and easier to manage.

I will help you clearly define your Life Goals for each life area and create An Effective Plan & Strategy to achieve them fast and easy with my:

Great Life Planning System ™ 
Online Course

I will show you how to do that in this easy to follow instructional online video course which includes 13 video lessons with corresponding worksheets that help you build your own Life Plan Step by Step.

Each lesson, exercise and worksheet will guide you easily, to define and set your life goals, and then create an effective & powerful Life Plan & Success Strategy to achieve those goals. The total course is less than 8 hours total view time.

So, you can do this in ONE DAY.

Never again become lost, confused, and unsure of who you want to be, what you want to do and how you want to live. Take charge of your destiny. Gain focus, energy, and determination. One Life. One Chance. Don't waste this amazing opportunity. Plan, strategize, take action and Create the Life of Your Dreams.

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What I Will Help You Learn & Do In This Course

Part 1. The 7 Life Principles You Must Understand

Lay the foundation of a great life by learning, understanding and implementing these seven life principles. Reduce complexity, confusion & stress and gain more power, focus and energy.

Part 2. Create Your Purpose Statements For Each Life Area

Effective strategies and instructions to create your mission/purpose statements for each area of your life. So you can create motivation, meaning and great power behind each goal.

Part 3. Create Your Life Goals Statements

Another simple strategy with step by step instructions to help you create powerful and specific goals in every area of your life so you can plan and take focused actions with much ease and motivation.

Part 4. Create Your Action Plan For Acieving Those Goals

With our simple yet effective  Action Planning System you will easily be able to take your large challenging goals and break them down into simple and easy steps that you will enjoy taking daily so you can achieve those goals quickly.

Part 5. Learn 15 Strategies to Overcome Challenges

Along the way you will encounter obstacles and difficulties. But you will be prepared. Use these proven and tested strategies to easily break through any challenges that get in your way of achieving your goals.

You Now Have A Life Plan that You Can Follow

By the time you reach the end of this course, you will have created your own Great Life Plan page by page. Never again will you wonder what to do with your life, what decisions you need to make and how to create what you truly want.

Meet Your Instructor 
Hello and Welcome! My Name is Rafael and I am the founder of BeGreat.com. With 20 years of experience in high level executive management and 10 years of experience as a personal success coach, I help people who no longer want to live an average & mediocre life become Great. I help my clients create a great life plan first, then apply proven success strategies, take powerful action and overcome challenges that get in their way to make their Life Plan a reality.  More about me.   Also, check out my YouTube Channel

What Customers Are Saying

"Ever since I took this course several months ago to I have stopped wasting my time on unimportant things and now focus on things that truly matter to me. I love referring to my life plan that I created to stay focused on my goals. And my daily action plan makes that simple and super easy. These life principles surely have given me a better perspective for my life. With much more meaning and purpose behind my actions now. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to improve themselves and achieving their goals in a simpler way"

Courtney C.
Los Angeles, California

"I learned from Rafael’s 8 hour course is that I was making my life extremely complicated and all I needed to do is to live by the few fundamentals that he taught me and follow a life strategy guide that I can constantly follow and update as my life changes. It worked for me. It could works for you too. I highly recommend taking this opportunity if you can"

Derek W.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"Rafael's course was great. It helped me focus on deep meaning and purpose. His 7 life principles taught me how to simplify my life and create a solid foundation. Life gets so complicated sometimes. With his help I've learned to make it more productive and joyful. I loved creating my own life plan with his step by step instructions so I can stay focused and relaxed. I actually use the action planning system daily to help break down my big goals into smaller, easier ones and get them done. He's just a great teacher who cares and wants all of us to succeed in life and make an impact. His strategies helped me figure out what I want in my life and how to obtain my goals. To anyone that wants more balanced life, his courses will help you achieve your goals too."

Rebecca M.
Santa Clarita, California

"I took Rafael’s course a few months ago and I loved it. I learned to focus on things that really matter to me and really make me happy. I’m so glad that I learned about the life foundation principles. Wow! It really helped me. The most important take way was the action planning system. Without it I would still be lost. Now I have an actual plan to make my life better. Effective steps that I can take everyday. I’m so grateful for this class. Rafael is a great coach, mentor, teacher. He truly cares about your happiness and success. I’m really thankful that I found and took the class. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their life and take the step toward the life that they should have"

Mark F.
Port Washington, New Nork

Take Charge Of Your Life Today. Create Your Own Life Plan. Gain the Focus and Clarity You'll Need to Lead a Great Life.

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