Hi, I'm Rafael.

Feeling Stuck, Frustrated, Unhappy at Work?

I help unhappy professionals make a Smooth & Successful Transition to a more enjoyable, meaningful, & fulfilling new career.

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Career Change Guide by BeGreat.com
  • Feeling stuck, unhappy and unfulfilled in your current job?
  • Working hard, making money but on the WRONG career path?
  • Need change but not sure where to start, what to do next and how to get there?

I will Help You

1. Gain Self Clarity

Know who you are and what you want. Get a clear understanding of your strengths, interests, values and personality traits. Set your goals.

2. Gain Career Clarity

Understand which careers paths are best for you. Research the job functions, positions and companies that are a great fit. Create a strategy to get there.

3. Gain a New Career

Create your new brand. Navigate to the right networks, managers and leaders in the right organizations. Nail the interviews and land your dream work.

Work With Me

Remote Coaching

Work with me from the comfort of your home or office. Make progress quickly and apply  effective career transition strategies with your guide at your corner.

Individual Coaching

One on one coaching in person (my office or yours), providing you with utmost attention and individually tailored sessions for your specific needs.

Group Coaching

In person or remote group training sessions helping you learn, practice and implement success strategies in a collaborative team environment.


Tony S.
CEO - SADA Systems, North Hollywood CA

"Ever since I met Rafael has been involved with helping individuals and his community. He is passionate about education and training. He has a knack for showing people what truly matters in life, how to overcome challenges and how they can improve themselves and their circumstances. If you have an opportunity to work with him, take it on confidently.  I fully endorse him."  

James G.
CEO - Current Ways Inc., San Diego CA

"I’ve know Rafael close to twenty years. We share a passion for self growth and success education. I’ve watched him start with nothing and through self reliance, hard work, and overcoming many obstacles create a great life for himself and the people around him.  He has a sincere passion for helping his clients (business and personal) improve themselves and their circumstances. I highly recommend him."   

Art T.
Technology Entrepreneur, Los Angeles CA

"Rafael embodies the six pillars of character with his integrity, humility, and family values. He has a natural ability to bring the best out of people. Over the past 17 years, I have continuously learned from Rafael to better myself as a career and family man. Opportunities to associate and learn from Rafael are treats that one should cherish, I certainly do."  

Career Change Guide by BeGreat.com

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You'll also Get FREE career transition knowledge, wisdom and strategies in your inbox every month. (Your email is secure. we have a NO SPAM Policy)