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Want to Be more, Do more, Have more? Looking for a way to create that GREAT life? 
You are in the right place. Welcome to! My Name is Rafael and as the founder and success coach, I help people who don't want to live an average & mediocre life Become Great. I help people create a great life plan, apply proven success strategies, take powerful action and overcome challenges that get in the way. Read more...

Personal Development Services

Online Courses

Learn in your own time & pace.  Our courses will teach you essential knowledge and life strategies in an easy to follow step by step format complete with examples and worksheets.

Group Training

In person or remote group training sessions helping you learn, practice and implement success strategies in a collaborative team environment.

Personal Coaching

One on one coaching in person or remote, providing you with utmost attention and individually tailored sessions for your specific needs.

How You Benefit

Take Charge, Create a Great Life Plan, Set The Action Strategy & Start Achieving

We help you figure out what you want to do, be and have in life and create a powerful purpose / meaning. You will create a Great Life Plan based on those meaningful goals. You'll also utilize our Action Planning System that enables you to take daily action toward those goals and get moving.

Break Through Any Challenges & Obstacles That Get In Your Way

On your way to success, happiness and fulfillment, you will inevitably encounter obstacles, challenges and difficulties. Both internal and external.  You'll learn and practice strategies and techniques that will enable you to easily overcome those challenges and difficulties. Nothing can stop you. You will keep moving forward.

Powerfully and Quickly Achieve Your Goals & Confidently Set Bigger, Better, Bolder Ones

Now you know What you want, Why you want it, and How to get it. Overcoming any challenges and difficulties that you face. You have achieved your initial goals. What's next? Its time for growth. You will use our process / support again and get busy achieving more. Being great is your habit now.


"Ever since I met Rafael has been involved with helping individuals and his community. He is passionate about education and training. He has a knack for showing people what truly matters in life, how to overcome challenges and how they can improve themselves and their circumstances. I fully endorse him. "

- Tony S.
President/CEO SADA Systems, North Hollywood Ca.

"I’ve know Rafael close to twenty years. We share a passion for self growth and success education. I’ve watched him start with nothing and through self reliance, hard work, and overcoming many obstacles create a great life for himself and the people around him. He has a sincere passion for helping his clients (business and personal) improve themselves and their circumstances. I highly recommend him."

- James G.
President / CEO, Current Ways Inc. , San Diego Ca.

"Rafael worked for me for many years. He was an outstanding leader that had a natural ability to motivate people and bring out their best. It was a pleasure having him on my executive team. He helped me take my company and my team to the next level"

Sean L.
CEO PLanet Green, Chatsworth CA.

"Rafael embodies the six pillars of character with his integrity, humility, and family values. Over the past 17 years, I have continuously learned from Rafael to better myself as a career and family man. Opportunities to associate and learn from Rafael are treats that one should cherish, I certainly do. "

- Art. T.
Technology Entrepreneur, Los Angeles, CA

"Rafael has been consulting to me and my company for over 5 years now. He is an outstanding and caring individual who is always willing to help people and enjoys seeing them succeed. He has the knowledge and skills to listen, plan, motivate and move people forward. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in improving themselves or their business."

- Ray D.
President/ CEO 1ink, Burbank Ca.

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